Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Should EVERYONE have CPR training?

If you watched today's episode of ABC's "The View", with Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, you probably saw the part regarding adoption. In the discussion, the guest host was explaining the process for adoption in California. He mentioned that the adoption program requires the parents to be CPR certified. This is true of foster parents in most U.S. states. View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck even mentioned that she should get CPR training. This could not be more true. ALL of us, people who have children or work with children especially, but EVERYONE should at least have CPR training.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Instructions for Life Saving "Hands Only CPR" also known as "Compression Only CPR"

Here are the latest instructions for "Hands Only" or "Compression Only".

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Mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing has a long safety record for
victims and rescuers.  But fear of infectious diseases causes some
to be reluctant to give mouth-to-mouth rescue breaths to strangers.
To avoid the chance that the victim will not receive any care,
compression-only CPR can be considered in these circumstances:
  • Rescuer is unwilling or unable to perform mouth-to-mouth 
  • rescue breathing.
  • Untrained bystander is following dispatcher-assisted 
  • CPR instructions.

HANDS-ONLY: Bystanders who witness a sudden
cardiac arrest and try CPR can skip the mouth-to-mouth breathing.
The American Heart Association says doing chest compressions
alone is just as good.
WHO'S IT FOR? Any adult who collapses, stops breathing
and is unresponsive. Children and drowning victims still need 
mouth-to-mouth breaths.
WHAT TO DO: First, call 911 or have someone else call.
Then press hard and fast, about 100 times a minute,
on middle of the chest.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NewLife CPR Press Release

Among the mass of information available on the internet today, is some that may ACTUALLY save your life, or that of a loved one, friend or stranger. That information is online CPR, AED and First Aid training and certification courses. Traditionally the only people who received CPR training were those in a career which required them to do so. Professional rescuers, police officers, nurses, teachers, daycare providers are all typically in situations in which CPR training and certification is a necessity. They are faced daily with situations in which someone may require CPR techniques to save their life. Even though those individuals are regularly in high risk situations, ALL of us are in situations daily where we may need to use CPR, first aid, or operate an AED machine. Anyone can require these methods at any time. Accidents happen, people have heart attacks or strokes, people fall down, kids get hurt. Every day we are hearing more stories about someone who was saved by a bystander when they had a heart attack while jogging, playing sports, driving, or standing in a line at the store. With the techniques learned in these online courses, such as the ones here; http://www.newlifecpr.com  you could be the person to save someones life. You don't want to be in a situation in which you need to know CPR, and don't know it.

Typically these traditional courses were, and still are held in training centers at a cost of $75 or more and consumed 6-16 hours.  However, these days there is a much more efficient and cost effective way to receive this training and certification. In fact, some new studies and research indicates that they can actually be MORE effective than traditional classes, as well as providing more up to date information. Sites like http://www.newlifecpr.com are at the forefront of providing this training for free to individuals who never would have received it before due to the cost, lack of time, or availability of a nearby class. Online classes can be taken at home, at any time, and range from free to $19.95 for full certification that is valid for two years.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Newest "Hands Only" Methods

Recent studies have shown that new lifesaving techniques can be as effective, if not more effective than ones previously taught. We all know that sometimes an obstacle to a bystander performing CPR may be a hesitation to perform mouth to mouth breathing resuscitation on a stranger. Well the newest methods being taught include a "hands only" method that consists of NO mouth to mouth. This new method can be easily used by almost anyone, regardless of their training or experience.

When someone collapses or is in need of cpr, the single most important thing is to keep blood flowing to vital organs. This blood flow can only be accomplished with a beating heart, or a simulated beating heart.

The standard to cpr is 30 chest compressions followed by 2 breaths, then check for a pulse and breathing. This continues until help arrives.

If you are unable or unwilling to perform the breaths. Simply follow the steps below:

1-     Tap and Shout: "Are you OK, Are you OK?"
2-     Check for breathing and pulse.
3-     If victim is breathing, place them on their side, AKA the "recovery position" If victim is not breathing, and it is safe to do so; place victim flat on their back.
4-     If victim is not breathing; Perform 30 chest compressions, then pause and check pulse, and look and feel for breathing.
5-     If victim begins breathing, place them in the recovery position. If victim is still not breathing, repeat procedure until help arrives.

Please remember, YOU CAN SAVE A LIFE. Do not be afraid to perform CPR, do not hesitate if you are afraid to perform Mouth-to-Mouth on a stranger.

If the victim is not breathing and their heart is stopped, it is virtually impossible for you to do anymore damage than what has already occurred.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Neighbors save drowning toddler with CPR

The following article is from WSVN News in Fort Lauderdale FL. It illustrates the importance for EVERYONE to know the basics of CPR.  We never know what we will encounter as we go about our daily lives. When we all wake up in the morning we never know the people we will see, the adversities we may face or the situations we may find ourselves in.

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Please, take our CPR course, whether you purchase the certification or take the free course. If ever faced with a situation in which you may need to save someone's life, we want you to have the skills and knowledge necessary.

This baby gets to sleep at home tonight, and will live a long, happy life because someone knew CPR.

NORTH LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WSVN) -- Two neighbors are being hailed heroes after rescuing a 19-month-old from drowning in a community lake Monday.
"It's a horrible, horrible feeling and I don't wish it upon any other mother," said Stacey Williams.
Williams almost lost her one and only son, Marcus. "He's my one and only child, so, I'm very happy he's here," she said.
Williams had Dacosta Rohan and Zikiya Gines to thank for saving her son. "It's just amazing, because if she didn't do that, he would've died," she said. His stomach was completely filled up with water. She just saw his legs and arms moving and kicking and she did CPR right away."
Gines and her boyfriend, Rohan, pulled the boy from the lake of their North Lauderdale home. When Rohan looked out of the window toward the water, he thought he saw a turtle, but it turned out to be the toddler. The boy fell in while playing a game of hide-and-seek with his dad. "I think that's when he slipped through the door. So, the dad thought he was in there watching TV, said he was kind of quiet for awhile, and then he heard screaming," said Williams. "That's when he looked out to see what was going on and noticed Marcus was missing and he ran out."
By that time, the couple had already sprung into action. "So, finally we opened the screen door and I jumped into the lake. By the time we jumped into the lake, the baby had stopped kicking," said Rohan.
That's when his girlfriend's flight attendant training kicked in. "It just clicked. So, I start doing my compressions. I'm like, one, two, three and he started throwing up and I flipped him over and I started doing my compressions again," said Gines. "I did the whole, flight attendant training, it just kicked right in."
The couple then drove the child to Plantation hospital. "The doctor came out and gave us a hug and was like, you did a good job," said Gines, who was moved to tears, "We saved a life."
Williams also cried when it dawned on her that if it weren't for the deeds of her neighbors, her son would've drowned. "He would've been gone," she wept, "so, I'm very grateful he's alive."
The boy will remain at Plantation hospital for the next two days for observation.
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